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Prozac for anxiety, bulimia and bipolar disorder

Prozac and anxiety

Anxiety is a general feeling of worry that, in some situations, grows into fear or panic. We all have such feelings, particularly if we have to perform some activity in public, but this becomes a disorder either where the emotions affect you a long time before and after the trigger event, or the feeling becomes severe, e.g. your heart races, you grow tense, you sweat and may suffer diarrhea. In more mild cases, the problems of anxiety can be treated through behavioral therapy, teaching you how to manage the stress in your life without having to rely on a drug. But in the more severe cases, Prozac relieves the anxiety and allows you to get back into a more normal routine. However, you should be prepared for fluctuations in the anxiety level when you first begin the course of treatment. You can feel restless or more anxious when the dosage is changed.

Prozac and bulimia

Prozac is very effective over the short term for treating the more severe forms of bingeing and purging associated with bulimia. This is actually a curious use of the drug because there is no general link between depression and the eating disorder. The suggestion offered by the researchers is the emotions driving the disorder are somehow associated with the level of serotonin in the brain. But no one is sure why Prozac is effective. The problem faced by everyone with this eating disorder is how to reduce the risk of relapse. This is something you should discuss with your regular physician. It is a balancing between the potential to prevent relapse and the risk of serotonin syndrome when you stop taking the drug.

Prozac and bipolar disorder

The treatment of bipolar disorder has been changing over the last ten year. This reflects the fact that people respond differently to the different drugs, and some people experience more side effects depending on the choice of drug. Most doctors prefer to start treatment with mood stabilizers, add antipsychotics and try antidepressants like Prozac if there are elements of depression. Some add anticonvulsants to the mixture. In all cases, doctor and patient should move carefully through the options until, by trial and error, the best combination is found. As a general rule, this is not something you should try on your own. There can be interaction between different drugs and expert guidance on dosage is required.

Prozac consumer information

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Prozac consumer information giving you everything you need to know to get the best results with the fewest safety problems. Prozac explained so you get the maximum benefits.

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Prozac for treating depression

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Prozac for anxiety

Prozac for anxiety, bulimia and bipolar disorder »

Prozac for anxiety, bulimia and bipolar disorder. Short explanations of how Prozac helps people deal with problems of anxiety, eating disorders and the more extreme bipolar disorder.

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